• In order to assure a good safety pattern of work that reduces the risk of labor accidents, fire and explosion, disease spread by lack of hygiene and pollution on, Derotech Offshore Services Limited (DOSL) has a safety policy which all staff at various levels are mandated to read and work in accordance with the policies.
  • DOSL suspends all activities immediately identified as unhealthy, unsafe or environmentally destructive until acceptable solutions are found.
  • DOSL puts in place adequate security for life and properties.
  • DOSL ensure the medical fitness of our staff for the task they are undertaking strict adherence to company’s Drug and Alcohol policy will be enforced. No staff is permitted to work without prior certification of medical fitness.
  • To implement this policy the company will not only comply with the requirement of relevant legislation but also promote in an appropriate manner, measures for safeguarding persons, properties, and environment.
  • There will be maximum cooperation with all appropriate government agencies and other organizations on issues related to enhancing HSE policies in Nigeria.

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